Inspirational imagery, videos, and more with an emphasis on motion graphics, typography, and fine art.
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  • Kronshtadt (Full) by NORD
    We were approached by central Russian television to help with graphics for the new historical documentary called Kronshtadt. The goal was MASSIVE: 170 illustrations and 30 minutes of animation from scratch in only 2 months. And we did it! Concept, Direction & Production: Nord Collective Year — 2014

  • Nike Mercurial Directors Cut by Simon Holmedal
    Nike / Mercurial Superfly / ‘Revolution of Speed’ Directors cut, 2014. — I was working as part of the in-house team at ManvsMachine, I did various tasks including r&d, shattering/simulation, knitting, packshot, smoke/particle effects. - Design & Direction: ManvsMachine Audio: Resonate Client: Nike

    In mid January of 2012 I was introduced to the very talented Patrick Tatopoulous who brought me on board as a freelance designer to build and develop graphics and user interface technology for the world of Total Recall. It was an amazing opportunity that I knew I couldn’t pass up seeing as the original was a childhood favorite of mine. I soon discovered just how vast the world Len Wiseman and his team had built and knew right away I had lots of work ahead of myself. My total contribution on the project lasted about 5 months, it was an intense amount of work to be done about 200 shots in total made it to the final print of the film. The reel above is a portion of the graphical elements I created for the film. All the approved designs where then taken to the animation stage by my very talented friend Ryan Cashman whom I worked very closely on during the remainder of our stay on the 5 month project. Our work was then sent to post production houses where the designs where composed into the final print of the film. A HUGE thank you to the enormously talented team on this project and for having us on board with you guys it was a great journey! CHEERS! Please see the full credit list for details: AT+RC= Ash Thorp - Designer / Ryan Cashman - Animator / TR Edit by: Franck Deron / Edit title animation by: Alasdair Willson / Edit music: aphex twin - windowlicker Full movie credit list / Ryan Cashman - Animator / TR Edit by: Franck Deron / Edit title animation by: Alasdair Willson / Edit music: aphex twin - windowlicker Full movie credit list / Columbia pictures: Total Recall © Columbia Pictures. All Rights Reserved.

  • SONY MOUSE & CAT - GFX Process Montage by GMUNK
    SONY Mouse & Cat GFX Credit list Production Company: The Moving Picture Company MPC Creative Director: Paul O’Shea MPC Producer: Megan Kennedy GFX Design Director: Bradley G Munkowitz Lead Graphic Designer: Bradley G Munkowitz Graphic Designer: Joseph Chanimal Lead Graphics Animator: Navarro Parker Graphics Animator: Joseph Chanimal


    More information and process imagery here: Role: Lead Motion Graphics designer, under the wing of : Production Designers Ben Procter and Sean Haworth, visual effects director Matthew Butler, and director Gavin Hood. Starting in late 2011, I received the opportunity to join the creative team for Ender’s Game and continued off and on the project for about a year and a half in total.  My main objective was to visualize the interface technology and then creatively design them into each unique scene of the film; this process involved everything from the more simple design of door latch actuators to the more massively complex setting of battle simulations.  It was a very rewarding and challenging project and the biggest in my career at that time, since I was able to be involved  in so many stages from pre-production meetings to the final modifications and edits of the film.  From my early talks with Ben, Sean, Matthew, and Gavin, and then seeing my rough sketches manifest themselves onto the film screen was all an amazing experience.  The images below vary greatly in time and design scale: some are unused concepts that didn’t make the final edit, some are style frames created to pitch ideas of the story, and others are actual moments or frames that got incorporated into the released film.  All in all, I generated about 650+ Photoshop files and many pages of scribbles and notes, so this is only a glimpse into my journey on this incredible project. Besides the wonderful experience and lessons learned from my involvement on this film, I met some amazing collaborators whom I am now so fortunate to call my friends.  I would like to personally thank Ben Procter, Sean Haworth, Matthew Butler, G Creative, and Gavin Hood who took a risk on a young, passionate, newly established artist.  Ender’s Game was the first feature film to help launch the beginning of my freelance design career, and I’m thankful for this blessing that helped open the door to many more feature film projects and creative opportunities since it started back in 2011.  Ash Thorp Lead Graphics Designer Jayse Hansen Lead Motion Graphics Artist Ryan Cashman Motion Graphics Concept Animator Navarro Parker Motion Graphics Animator Alasdair Willson Motion Graphics Animator/Reel Title Animation Paul Beaudry/G-creative Lead Motion Graphics Artist Franck Deron Reel Edit Gavin Hood Film Directer Matthew E Butler Digital Domain VFX Supervisor Ben Procter and Shawn Haworth Production Designers Gladys Tong G-Creative Supervisor MUSIC TRACK: The Four Seasons / Recomposed by Max Richter (2/4) Final compositing by Digital Domain and Goldtooth Creative ©Oddlot Entertainment / ©Summit Entertainment

  • ORA Prophecy by GMUNK
    Info: Dear friend and fellow burner-for-life Stephen Marshall hit up Munkowitz with a golden opportunity - to design and direct a tech-inspired, new-wave psychedelic trailer for his simulation model entitled ORA.. The clip, entitled ‘the Prophecy, served to entice with heavy style and tone to inform a new generation of pioneers.. ORA Prophecy Credit list Directors: Bradley G Munkowitz & Stephen Marshall Design Director: Bradley G Munkowitz Director of Photography: Kevin Gosselin Writers: Stephen Marshall, Max Botkin Production Company: Wolf & Crow Executive Producer: Kevin Shapiro Lead Designers: Bradley G Munkowitz, Adam Swaab, Kevin Stein Lead VFX Artist: Adam Swaab VFX Artists: John Robson, Casey Hupke, Dylan Nathan Lead Compositor: Bradley G Munkowitz Compositors: John Robson, Casey Hupke, Dylan Nathan, Kevin Stein Editor: Bradley G Munkowitz Sound Design: Keith Ruggiero, Matthew Wilcock

  • Goldrunner 2013 by GoldRunner
    Vivian Rosenthal: Writer, Director and Executive Producer Jim Geduldick: Cinematographer Dave Gittleman: 2nd camera Sam Blalark: Lead 3D Animator and Modeler Aras Darmawan: Motion Graphics Design and Animation Paul Frieling: Logo Design Music and Sound Design : Q Department Howard Goldkrand: Creative Director Gregory Baird: Script Supervisor/Editor Paul Mojica: Makeup, Hair and Styling Actors: Sarah Wilson Zach Bandler Emilio Enríquez Matías Enríquez

  • UI Reel by Territory
    A collection of Territory’s screen graphics and UI for Games, Films and TV commercials.

  • Sony-GoogleTV+Boot+Video-HD by Mark Coleran
    Created for the Sony/GoogleTV streaming box to welcome users when they use it for the first time.

  • Coleran Reel 2008.06 HD by Mark Coleran
    Showreel of screen design work for various films that I have worked on. Doing a temp redirect here while I work on the site. Twitter: Coleran


  • Dark Poetry out of Bushwick by Coherent Images
    Oven and Axe were animated with Momentum. Skin was animated with Lagoa and the Glue to Mesh technique. Cupid breaks apart with emTools.

  • emFluid 4.liquid by YUJAEHO
    // just sample file rendering(Arnold Render) test.

  • PNC Wealth Management by Ryan Moore
    Deutsch needed a spot created entirely from still photography to promote PNC’s Wealth Management services. We devised an elegant grid system to crop, juxtapose and reveal images and typography while maintaining the personal feel that underscores the “Living Achievement” campaign. Studio: Gretel Agency: Deutsch NY Executive Creative Director: Greg Hahn Creative Director: Ryan Moore Producer: Ryan McLaughlin Design: Ryan Moore Animation: Irene Park. Salih Abdul-Karim, Bryan Cobonpue