Inspirational imagery, videos, and more with an emphasis on motion graphics, typography, and fine art.
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  • ChessTV ID Concept by Dmitriy Frolov
    ID concept for ChessTV Channel

  • Nuno Leites Showreel by Nuno Leites
    This is my first showreel! A compilation of work done during the past 3 years. Some of them produced at Bungalow.

  • CoMotion 2014 Opening Titles by Robert Morrison Jnr.
    *A GIGANTIC Collaborative Effort* “MELTING POT” “The Opening Titles for CoMotion 2014 celebrates the love, the hard work, and the incredible amount of talent within SCAD’s Motion Media Design department. Apart from being incredibly passionate on their own work, the students are extremely supportive of each other and are actively collaborating on projects. The department, in a way, is a melting pot of diverse and creative individuals which transforms, animates, and contains great potential. This coming together of all styles is a fun piece of cohesive sequences which honors the amazing guests that came to the symposium. ” — Jay Keeree CoMotion is a two day conference in which our major’s club, Momelove, invites industry professionals to do portfolio reviews, give presentations and participate in panel discussions. It is also the time of the year where we host a department wide student showcase. For this year’s direction we really wanted to step away from the previous years’ tone and emphasize fun, simplicity and approachability in our celebration of design and animation. Creative Direction: Jay Keeree Logo Design / Branding: Robert Morrison Jnr. Designers: Robert Morrison Jnr. Audrey Yeo Sound Design: Leonardo Tortolo Magrin Animators: Peter Clark Robert Morrison Jnr. Audrey Yeo Chris Salvador Austin Hochstatter Chase Hochstatter Christian Kay John Hughes Jay Keeree Taylor English Lou Ward Mark A. Godoy Jr. Sarah Beth Hulver Cindy Suen Yeojin Shin Danyi Wang Jackie Khanh Doan Visualization: Ana Christina Lossada Obiageli NoahTrevor Okoye Isabella Carapella Chris Finn Rick Kuan MomeLove Officers: Devon Hosford Jay Keeree Taylor English Isabella Carapella Lou Ward

  • Fund The Arts by Carlos Enciso
    Five Week Project at Ringling With Audrey Aquino The project was to create a 30 second PSA that communicates the importance of Art and Art Education. “Art Education Leads to Better Ideation in Math, Science, Literature, History, Music, BUT THIS WILL ALL DISAPPEAR If We Don’t Support The Arts” Exposure to the Arts helps student develop by encouraging them to incorporate both analytic, and creative ways of thinking. Students with an advance thinking process thrive in Problem solving, innovation, and invention which leads to a better future. However, all of this could easily fall apart, and disappear if Art programs are not funded, and supported. The decision to use a pencil came from the idea that just like the mind, a pencil has the capability to act both as a logical, and an artistic tool. This combination is what has made it so successful and timeless. Music & Sound: and, Software: Maxon Cinema 4D, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Audition, The Foundry Nuke. Thank you to everyone who helped us out! :)

    Les réalisateurs du collectif Bakers se mettent en image à travers cette vidéo pleine d’esprit. — Director : BAKERS

  • Alessandra Leone logo animation by AlessandraLeone
    “Somewhere between abstraction and figuration” Logo Animation: Alessandra Leone Sound Design: VibeCode

  • Logo animation (unused) by Toros Köse
    Unused logo exploration.

  • Modern Love: Fight or Flight by The New York Times - Video
    As her relationship with her boyfriend was coming to an end, the writer Sarah L. Courteau grasped for a moment of tenderness between them. Click here to follow us: Watch more videos at: Follow on Twitter:

  • HOT&TOP TV Show Opener by Alex Mikhaylov
    An opener for the new show Hot&Top starting on Europa Plus TV channel. Art Director: Alex Mikhaylov Design: Alex Mikhaylov Producer: Max Chelyadnikov Modelling: Max Chelyadnikov, Daniel Rybkin Animation: Daniel Rybkin, Max Chelyadnikov Rendering: Max Chelyadnikov Compose: Max Chelyadnikov Sound: Andrea Damiano

  • REEL 2013 by Nebula Studios

    As everybody I’m a music lover, is my first inspiration source maybe, I wanted to make something related to my favorite music genre: IDM. Next, there is a brief description about it. IDM is for “Intelligent Dance Music” (popular tag) also known as “Braindance”. Electronic music sub genre that born in the early 90’s as a result of mixing Underground Techno and Ambient genres mainly. Some of the artists involved deny the tag ‘cause it sounds elitist, but the opposite is true. The most important features is that musicians can immerse themselves into individual experimentation with their own computers and hardware, creating their own styles and incorporating more electronic sub genres as electro, acid, drum & bass, even jazz, making it more diverse. Some other theories say each sound is aimed at a part of the human body. We are more sensitive to the bass tones from the belly to the legs and the high tones are directed to the head, ears and arms. Some of the most representative artists for the genre are Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, Boards of Canada, Tycho Mouse on Mars etc. Is the kind of music for listening, relax, to abstract, and create. Thank you for watching!!! Music: Jimmy Edgar - 1 20 Detail

  • Lemony Snicket’s End Titles by Jamie Caliri

  • United States of Tara Titles by Jamie Caliri
    Paper Pop-up title sequence shot stop-mo for Showtime. Winner of the Emmy for Outstanding Main Title Design.

  • Heart by Jamie Caliri
    60 sec spot for United Airlines. Directed by Jamie Caliri.

  • United Airlines, Dragon by Jamie Caliri
    60 sec. spot. Using hinged paper puppets in upright miniature sets, we created this spot over many months of art and toil. This is a stop motion piece shot with digital stills and finished with Adobe After Effects for compositing. Please take note of Kim Blanchette’s exeptional stop motion animation! It was during this project that the Caliri bothers stitched together two of their previous, proprietary stop motion software apps to create the beginnings of Dragon Stop Motion. It would be another two and a half years before Dragon Stop Motion software would be released to the public. You can thank Tennessee Norton Reid for convincing Jamie and Dyami to release the software. Thanks Tennessee!! To see full credits and some behind the scenes photos -