Inspirational imagery, videos, and more with an emphasis on motion graphics, typography, and fine art.
Gathered, loved and hugged by BENFRANK.


  • Dark Poetry out of Bushwick by Coherent Images
    Oven and Axe were animated with Momentum. Skin was animated with Lagoa and the Glue to Mesh technique. Cupid breaks apart with emTools.

  • emFluid 4.liquid by YUJAEHO
    // just sample file rendering(Arnold Render) test.

  • PNC Wealth Management by Ryan Moore
    Deutsch needed a spot created entirely from still photography to promote PNC’s Wealth Management services. We devised an elegant grid system to crop, juxtapose and reveal images and typography while maintaining the personal feel that underscores the “Living Achievement” campaign. Studio: Gretel Agency: Deutsch NY Executive Creative Director: Greg Hahn Creative Director: Ryan Moore Producer: Ryan McLaughlin Design: Ryan Moore Animation: Irene Park. Salih Abdul-Karim, Bryan Cobonpue

  • NBC Sports Talk by Ryan Moore
    NBC Sports approached us to create a launch spot for their new flagship show: Sports Talk. The show cuts through the typical chatter, gets behind the stats and digs for the real story. Against a script themed around data overload, we built a graphic stream of box scores, headlines, field goal percentages, tournament brackets and photographs. Our camera scrubs through dimensional data, looking for connections, breaking stories apart and eventually slicing through the clutter. Studio: Gretel Exectuive Creative Director: Greg Hahn Creative Director: Ryan Moore Producer: Ryan McLaughin Art Director: Matt Tragesser Design: Ryan Moore, Matt Tragesser Animation: Gabriel Regentin, Sean Eno, Bryan Cobonpue

  • Vanity Fair Exclusive Video by Ryan Moore
    To complement the printed edition, they have been producing a series of videos on their website. The content varies from issue to issue and includes everything from behind-the-scenes cover shoots to celebrity interviews to commentary from Graydon Carter himself. Because the videos are shot, edited and assembled by several different directors, editors and photographers; the graphic packaging was wildly inconsistent. We unified the brand under the moniker “Vanity Fair Exclusive Video” and created a user-friendly graphic package to consistently stamp all video content. Elements included a short into, outro and modular titling system. Studio: Gretel Exectuive Creative Director: Greg Hahn Creative Director: Ryan Moore Design: Dylan Mulvaney Animation: Andrew Cheung

  • Wishes 2014 by Skill Lab
    Skill Lab wish you a happy year 2014. Be the first to find the 23 logos ——————- Update: We got our winner: Mr Bernard Randaxhe from Luxembourg who found all of them: 1. Apple 2. Philharmonie 3. Burton 4. Mudam 5. Dolby 6. Luxair 7. Rebel Alliance 8. Volkswagen 9. Nespresso 10. Playstation 11. Chanel 12. Canon 13. Atari 14. Adobe 15. Adidas 16. CFL 17. NY Times 18. Twitter 19. Thundercats (Cosmocats) 20. Guiness 21. Batman 22. Wu-Tang Clan 23. Kodak 24… Skill Lab ;)

  • TEDxTaipei 2013 Flip by FINGER AND TOE
    PRODUCTION COMPANY: Bito CREATIVE DIRECTOR : Keng-Ming Liu DESIGN : Finger and Toe ANIMATION : Chris Lin / Aexers Lin / Finger and Toe PRODUCER: Oskar Lin MUSIC : Liya Huang SFX : David Dunlap

  • RPD (Self promotional animation) by Rachael Park
    This is my self promotional animation as a graphic designer / animator. Design / Motion / Sound - Rachael Park Music - “The Happiness of Larry” by radiotimes

  • IFC Branding by Ryan Moore
    IFC is a comedy network with sharp original series like Portlandia and Comedy Bang! Bang! and an expansive library of movies. They occupy a unique niche in the comedy spectrum and draw a loyal audience of followers on and off-air. Part of the impetus for the rebrand was to make a clear break from the brand’s legacy as the Independent Film Channel and raise some awareness about their new, expanded slate. We started with a thorough brand audit. We met with everyone: Marketing, On-Air, Off-Air, Digital, Social, Scheduling, Research, Programming… everyone. Each team knew their brand; even if it was on an intangible, emotional, instinctual level. There was a clear sense in every department of what felt like IFC and what didn’t. Our challenge was codifying that nebulous IFC-ness into brand tenets, guidelines and language. Thinking of IFC as a venue became a through-line: billing talent, promoting the acts, curating the movie selection and being careful never to steal the spotlight from the headliners. This core idea informed all aspects of the design, from the logo to the endpage layouts, even the typography. Honing the ‘Slightly Off’ brand voice led to re-thinking the use of language on the network as a whole; from title cards to promo structures. A stamp system for organizing and branding content, insider language, top 5 lists, meme-like IDs; slicing our content through different filters keeps our promotion sticky, unconventional, Slightly Off. A crisp, clear graphic language lets the voice shine through. Hundreds of movies, 6 Original comedies, 3 colors, 2 typefaces, and one singing couch: IFC. Client: IFC Studio: Gretel Executive Creative Director: Greg Hahn Creative Director: Ryan Moore Producer: Ryan McLaughlin, Dina Chang Design: Dylan Mulvaney Animation: Chase Massengil, Adam Grabowski, Irene Park, Andrew Brown, Tonya Smay Original Music + Sound Design: Huma-Huma Typefaces: Clan Narrow Ultra, Prestige Elite Bold, Gotham Bold

  • Trapcode planet by Philipp Pavlov
    Trapcode form, trapcode particular, plexus. All done in after effects. Tutorial: Musical score & sound design by Jacob Thomas Czech

  • Vh1 Critics’ Choice 2012: Best Original Screenplay by Ryan Moore
    The Broadcast Film Critics Association annually hosts the CCMAs to honor outstanding cinematic achievement. The brief from Vh1 was to keep the look bold but sophisticated, they suggested Op-Art as a point of reference. We jumped at the chance to work with such a minimal and abstract aesthetic. Our challenge was to imbue abstract patterns with meaning and purpose, giving each category a clever twist in order to make the package memorable. Our design rippled out into a new logo, a variety of on-air graphics, giant LED screen elements, on-air promos and digital branding. Studio: Gretel Exectuive Creative Director: Greg Hahn Creative Director: Ryan Moore Producer: Angela Foster Design: Ryan Moore, Carl Burton, Dylan Mulvaney, Matt Tragesser Animation: Irene Park, Carl Burton, Wes Ebelhar, Bryan Cobonpue, Gary Tam, Daniel Garcia

  • Beats Solo HD Teaser by Bolder Creative
    Since the days of the canary-yellow Walkman, headphones have been as much of a statement as the mini-sound system. Inspired by a recent project, Bolder Creative resolved to create a visual exploration into the relationship between sound and beauty, individuality and luxury all of which are synonymous with this particular brand of headphones. This striking teaser utilises ground-breaking technology to create truly immersive visuals. Interpreting sound as a reactive organism, the sound ripples ebb and flow creating a breathtaking environment and evolving landscape born from displaced geometry, whilst celebrating the longstanding history of the beauty in the simplistic design of vinyl. Adorned by celebrities everywhere these headphones have acquired an image for fame and beauty, with this in mind Bolder Creative have created an equally luxurious palette that seamlessly blends these ideals and gives you the perfect cinematic experience to wake the desire of any person to consume these world renown headphones. Sound By Alex Kosmidis

  • Garagetools by burinsky

    “In 1987, the debut of visible air changed everything when it came to performance shoe design - innovation was unveiled.” After 27 years the new Lunar1 continues it’s tradition to bring the performance and design into a perfect combo. Supported by ever changing light patterns of 2400 fluorescent lights, the new design is being revealed in the rocky desert. Credits Client: Nike Creative Director: Michael Spoljaric / Nike Brand Design Director: Korb Production + Postproduction Company: Korb Sound Design: Echolab 2014